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At least 50% of women think that leaking urine is normal.

At least 60% feel lonely with this problem.

That. Stops. Here.

Leaking urine is not normal.


Not even a little.


Not even when pregnant.


Not ever.

We are on a mission to help you find reliable information, support, and the product that works best for you.

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What our community members say:

‘This is a fabulous step and so important. We women should be much more open about this topic, as many do have issues but don’t acknowledge nor ask for help!’

Elen, 43

‘Wow someone who broached the topic in public, that too so clearly!’

Carol, 39

‘Count me in. I was really thinking I was alone with this problem!’

Stephanie, 34

‘Fantastic idea! It’s quite amazing how many ladies suffer in silence!’

Lara, 48